About Us
Housing Options Provided for the Elderly (HOPE) began at a conference in St. Louis in 1985.  A
presentation on Senior Housing included a discussion about the lack of any specific service in
St. Louis that focused on this issue.  A committee was formed and developed the idea further.  

In 1987, a not-for-profit corporation was formed.  HOPE hired it’s first director, Lyne Rajani, and
we were off and running.  The early years focused on developing an information line, home
sharing, advocacy efforts, and the fledgling Reverse Mortgage being developed by HUD.   The
original mission remains today:  “Helping older adults live with dignity and independence in the
housing most appropriate to their circumstances.”

HOPE’s current director, Buz Zeman, began in 1993.   The focus of HOPE soon became in-
home visits to implement the HOPE mission.  Grants were received from the St. Louis Area
Agency on Aging (SLAAA) for case management and the Department of Housing and Urban
Development (HUD) for Reverse Mortgage counseling.

Directed by an extremely committed Board, HOPE continues its mission to senior and
caregivers.  HOPE is extremely proud of the quality of our service and our low administrative

HOPE’s efforts have grown and shrunk depending on grant funding.  Early years were tough.  
Our highest budget year was 2011, with nearly $500,000 being received.  But grant funding is
much harder to get now and HOPE is more reliant on supporters for private donations.  This
year’s budget will likely turn out about $300,000.  
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